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Meopta Meostar Review 2023 - 2024

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January 24, 2023

Meopta Meostar B1 8x32 Binoculars

Meopta is a sports optic brand that has been providing quality optics to its sporting community for over 80 years. They provide a variety of products to their users from rifle scopes and spotting scopes to high quality binoculars. They are famous when it comes to high quality optics and Meopta prides itself on being able to offer a top class product range based on their designs. If you are in the market for a new set of binoculars and you are experienced when it comes to professional observations, you may want to consider looking at the Meopta Meostar B1 8x32 (CHECK PRICE!) for your viewing practises.

Meopta Meostar Review 2016

The Meostar range is popular among general purpose binocular users these days because they provide the user with high quality optics based on a small compact design. The price range of these binoculars is high-end which is why they are primarily used for users that have been using binoculars for years. Of course, if you aren’t that experienced when it comes to binoculars but you can see yourself purchasing a high-end set of binoculars as your first, then there is certainly nothing stopping you from starting with these as they will not disappoint. Here are a few of the features this Meostar set provides its users:

  • Large field of view – The Meopta Meostar B1 Binoculars are very small in size and only have a magnification of 8x with their lenses consisting of only 32mm in diameter - which provides a much larger field of view of 130 metres.
  • Lightweight – This compact design is very compact and with the use of smaller sized lens makes these binoculars very lightweight and easy to carry wherever you may go.
  • Close focus – The close focus will let you focus on objects from 2 metres.
  • MeoBright – MeoBright technology is implemented so it eliminates glare and reflections which ultimately provide users with an even clearer viewing experience.
  • MeoShield – Another technology developed by Meopta is the MeoShield that protects lenses from scratches. It is military standard technology which makes it even more robust.
  • Waterproof – These binoculars are not only waterproof from the rain and fog but they can also be submerged in deep water without any problems.
  • Tough armoured design – The base design of these binoculars is made out of aircraft grade aluminium which is built to survive in the toughest of terrains. It is them further protected in rubber armour which is shock resistant.
  • Lifetime warranty – Another reason to add the Meostar B1 Binoculars to your collection is the lifetime warranty it provides its customers. They will repair or replace any malfunctioned products without any questions asked.
  • Twist-up eye pieces – The twist-up eye pieces will ensure distortion is eliminated and will provide extra-wide sharpness and clear viewing.
  • Diopter control – The centralized focus wheel will help you focus on objects in real time with no backlash.

You will need deep pockets to purchase the Meopta Meostar B1 Binoculars as they certainly don’t come cheap. But seeing as it has all the basics and is manufactured with aircraft grade aluminium and has a lifetime warranty, you can be confident you are going to get the experience of a lifetime with this product. Whether you are looking towards wildlife to take advantage of the sights these binoculars offer or you are a fan of aircrafts, the technology implemented into this set of binoculars is second to none and should be considered for anyone looking for a set of binoculars that provides high quality observations. You won’t regret adding this Meopta product to your collection.


Features: Lightweight – 130 metres field of view - 3

Pricing: High-End

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