Binoculars Vs Monocular – Which Should You Choose?

Undecided if you want to buy binoculars or monocular? Want to find out which is better for your needs. Read on to find out! DefinitionsContents1 Definitions2 Monocular3 Binoculars4 Things to consider:5 So Which To Go For? Before we get into specs and features, here’s a quick guide to what the difference is between binoculars and […]

When Were Binoculars Invented?

Kahles Binocular Review 2016

The History Of The BinocularsContents1 The History Of The Binoculars1.1 Lenses1.2 The Invention Of Binoculars1.3 Galileo1.4 Opera Glasses1.5 Porro1.6 Ernst Abbe & Carl Zeiss1.7 Conclusion Have you ever wondered when binoculars were invented? You would assume that they were created around the same time as the telescope, but parts of the binocular were actually being […]

How Do Binoculars Work?

How Do Binoculars Work?

The Science Behind BinocularsContents1 The Science Behind Binoculars1.1 The Science1.2 Lens1.3 Prisms1.4 Porro Prism1.5 Roof Prism Binoculars1.6 Magnification1.7 Focus1.8 Field of View1.9 Eye Relief1.10 Coating1.11 Summary1.12 But, Binoculars?1.13 Less Complicated Break Down The Science The refraction of light is key to how binoculars work because it explains how lenses work. Refraction is The way light […]