Best Binoculars With A Built In Camera – Reviews 2017 – 2018

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Dreamy FS608 2" LCD Display HD Digital Camera Binoculars High-Def recording – Quality LCD display – Sturdy construction – Anti-shake tech – Replaceable battery Mid-range CHECK LATEST PRICE!
FHD SGODDE Digital Camera Binoculars HD Video – Foldable LCD display – Variable exposure – Built-in battery – SD card compatible Mid-range CHECK LATEST PRICE!
Bestguarder Digital Night Vision Binoculars 4x Magnification – Infrared Night Mode – Built-in battery – SD card compatible – Adjustable eye-piece High End CHECK LATEST PRICE!

Top 3 Binoculars With A Camera Compared

Used by wildlife spotters, sports enthusiasts, concert goers, fisherman and security personnel, binoculars are essential for getting the best view but imagine if you saw something that you had to photograph or record there and then. By combining two useful gadgets in to one convenient device, it’s no surprise binoculars with a built-in camera are taking the photography world by storm.

Why Go All-in-One?

With two separate devices you would have to waste precious time reaching for your camera or phone to get that special shot and it’s doubtful their zoom function would match the power of binoculars. The result? The moment is likely to be lost. It also means you don’t have to worry about carrying around two separate items when you are out of the house. One gadget does it all.

Features to Consider

Binocular Capability:  As with any set of binoculars, the more powerful their optics are, the better the view. Magnification increases the size of the image and thus the distance you can effectively shoot from while aperture affects the amount of light captured – higher aperture means you can shoot in darker environments. Bigger is always better.

Digital camera:

The higher the definition, the better the image quality, just like with televisions. Lower definitions of 480p or less tend to look quite pixelated and unprofessional now, even to an untrained eye so look for minimum definition of 720p. For video recordings, frame rate is another crucial specification, the higher the frame rate, the smoother the footage.


Dreamy FS608 2″ LCD Display HD Digital Camera Binoculars Review – Our Number 1

Dreamy FS608 2 LCD Display HD Digital Camera BinocularsFor the budding birdwatcher or the eagle-eyed celebrity spotter, the Dreamy model (view on Amazon) is a great example of these essential devices. They combine high quality, adjustable binoculars with a very capable HD camera along with a built in, brightly lit LCD display so you can see what you’re shooting. Here are some of its features.

  • Superb quality 12×32 binoculars providing a clear view from long distances in low light.
  • Built-in camera capable of creating crisp, clear HD images at an impressive 1440 x1080p at 30 FPS or 1280x720p at a whopping 60 FPS.
  • Attached, foldable LCD screen provides quick access to your shots and videos or acts as a view finder.
  • Takes high quality JPEG photographs of up to 5MP, white balance technology ensures a good shot every time.
  • Built in Anti-Shake technology steadies the image for you.Dreamy FS608 2 LCD Display HD Digital Camera Binoculars Review
  • Premium build quality – striking black and silver design with rubber gripping keeping it steady and safe in the hands.
  • Excellent all-rounder, useful for fun days out or for work purposes.
  • Replaceable lithium-ion battery means the lifespan of the device is not tethered to built-in battery life.
  • Weighing just 349 grams the Dreamy can easily be wielded one-handed while grabbing a quick bite to eat when you just can’t look away.
  • TF card compatible, up to 32gb for exceptional storage – your whole holiday can be recorded.

The Dreamy FS608 is an exceptional device. Binoculars with cameras are a new technology in an emerging marketplace which means that the best devices must speak for themselves to stand out and Dreamy’s FS608 does just that. Superb performance across the range of features means your footage will be worth seeing again and again. It feels good in your hands and for taking photos and video at impressive distances, the Dreamy can be counted on to produce high quality content regardless of environmental conditions.


Features: High-Def recording – Quality LCD display – Sturdy construction – Anti-shake tech – Replaceable battery

Pricing: Mid-range



FHD SGODDE Digital Camera Binoculars Review – Number 2

FHD SGODDE Digital Camera BinocularsAvailable at an impressive price, the FHD SGODDE combines a good quality HD camera with a powerful pair of binoculars. It’s a great device to have to hand when exploring the great outdoors or sightseeing as it can be switched on quickly and be recording within a few seconds. Its nifty LCD screen enables quick access to your photos and videos.

  • Choice of video recording options from 640×480 through to High definition 1920x1080p.
  • Excellent photo quality of up to 5MP creates crystal clear shots every time.
  • Variable exposures +2.0 / +5/3 / +4/3 / +1.0 / +2/3 / +1/3 / +0 / -1/3 / -2/3 /-1.0 / -4/3 / -5/3 /-2.0
  • Handy LCD screen enables easy reviewing and folds away when not in use.FHD SGODDE Digital Camera Binoculars Review
  • Built in rechargeable Li-ion battery, can be used right out of the box.
  • Protected by Anti-Slip, soft rubber which makes it comfortable to hold for long periods such as sporting events or concerts.
  • USB 2.0 to USB mini cable, cleaning cloth, handy strap and full instructions all included in package.
  • Easy to use zooming and focussing – zooming controlled by central wheel, focus is achieved by turning the eye piece.
  • SD card compatible – 4GB up to 32GB capacity.

The FHD SGODDE is clearly a nice piece of kit and functions well as standalone binoculars, video camera and photographic camera, all in one device. If you’re seeing the world or exploring the countryside these binoculars won’t let you down and are versatile enough to be used in various lighting conditions. Focussing is particularly impressive as shots do not fall foul of common ‘digital zooming’ issues which make photos and videos appear blocky.


Features: HD Video – Foldable LCD display – Variable exposure – Built-in battery – SD card compatible

Pricing: Mid-range



Bestguarder Digital Night Vision Binoculars Review – Number 3

Bestguarder Digital Night Vision BinocularsIf you need a high-quality gizmo that pushes the boat in terms of capability, look no further than the Bestguarder. Serving as binoculars, video camera and one-shot camera this model also has built in night vision capability. Literally nothing will be missed with these and so they can be used anywhere you can think of, day or night.

  • Weather-proof design makes bird-watching, surveillance, sports or outdoor concerts possible in all seasons.
  • 850NM Infrared Illuminator affords viewing in near total darkness at distances of up to 300m. ideal for night time events such as concerts.
  • Tripod compatible, these binoculars can be used for long periods in comfort.Bestguarder Digital Night Vision Binoculars Review
  • 5-megapixel photography ensures bright and realistic shots, stored in JPEG format.
  • Optical 4x magnification
  • Video output capability of 1280×720 or 640×480 with sound.
  • Adjustable eye pieces for maximum comfort.
  • 9 hours runtime in daylight, 3-5 hours in Night Mode.

The Bestguarder is a unique proposition with its night vision capabilities which offers unrivalled functionality throughout your trip or if used for work purposes. While it does not have a viewing screen attached it can be connected to a TV via the USB cable if needed. Weighing in at a hefty 780g this product is not ideal for children but for most users its ergonomic grip and solid, rubber buttons make it a sturdy and reliable option.


Features: 4x Magnification – Infrared Night Mode – Built-in battery – SD card compatible – Adjustable eye-piece

Pricing: High End




When you consider how much your video recording and photography options are increased when combined with the visual power of a set of binoculars, it’s easy to see why these are becoming a must-own gizmo. After comparison, the top choice has to go to the Dreamy FS608. Although it lacks an infrared Night mode, it outperforms on every other level, providing reliable high-quality footage whenever you need it to and at a fraction of the price of a high-end model. Thanks to the FS608’s replaceable battery, Dreamy have made the dream device which will last for as many holidays and adventures as you need it to.


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