Best Vortex Scopes for Rifle Mounting – Reviews 2017 – 2018

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit
Vortex Viper Ultra clear, sharp image - Easy adjustment - Easy to use - Excellent precision - Waterproof - Dust proof High-end CHECK LATEST PRICE!
Vortex Crossfire Clear and bright image - Fast Focus eyepiece - User friendly - Waterproof - Dustproof Low end (reasonable) CHECK LATEST PRICE!
Vortex Diamondback Clear and bright - Precision Glide Erector - HD lens elements - Waterproof - Dustproof Mid range CHECK LATEST PRICE!

Are you an avid hunter? Passionate about shooting? Then you will know that having a crystal clear vision and range is essential in precision and comfort. The vortex scopes are renown for their high quality optics and durability.

Vortex started out in 1986 as a privately owned outdoor retail store – it wasn’t until 2002 that they appeared as an optics company which rapidly developed a global reputation for its riflescopes. Today, Vortex produces a number of optics products including rangefinders, binoculars, red dot sights, spotting scopes and, of course, riflescopes.

All of their products have been designed to meet rigorous quality standards, and hunters and competition shooters the world over, hold the greatest regard for this brand.

Furthermore, all Vortex products come with an unlimited lifetime guarantee. Regardless of the seller you purchased from you can contact Vortex personally if you find anything wrong with your product and they will take care of it for you!

Now imagine, you’re in the field, target in sight, locked and loaded, ready to go. You magnify and focus on the target, and as you zoom closer, the edges haze and the targets gone! I’m sure you’ve all experienced moments where you may have lost a target due to clouding or hazing at high magnification, and the frustration must be huge!  Well, thanks to the Vortex scopes you might never lose a target again!

The impeccable workmanship on Vortex scopes is undeniably amazing! You can really feel the difference, from the initial user-friendly mounting process, to actually using it in the moment. With there being so much choice on the market for rifle scopes these days, and technology advancing at such a high speed, its hard to know which rifle scope is right for you. Lets take a look at some of the top choices for Vortex Scopes here, and help you make the best choice for you and your rifle!

Vortex Viper 6.5-20×50 PA – Our Number 1

If you’re looking for clear, sharp and true colour images on your rifle scope, then look no further than this multi-coated, waterproof scope from Vortex (learn more here!). With Mil Dot  reticle for ultra-high precision vision, you will not be disappointed by this impressive piece of kit. At almost top of the Vortex price range, the value for money for excellent. Here are some of the main features that might attract you to this lovely rifle scope!

  • Ultra clear, sharp and true colour images due to the XD (Extra-low Dispersion) lens
  • XR full multi-coating providing further enhanced precision
  • Precision Force spring system – for sustainable use, user friendly setting of corrections through the turrets
  • Fully moisture proof and dust proof (fog, water, rain) – zero damage in all conditions!
  • MAG-view bar – for quick and easy adjustment of the magnification

As I mentioned before, Vortex is really a company thats holds attention to detail and product quality at the forefront of their values. With this price being at the higher end of the products, I will say that this scope is worth every penny. From the first moment you hold it, you can really feel the high quality materials that are used, and that this will not be a purchase you will regret.

Summary –

Features: Ultra clear, sharp image – Easy adjustment – Easy to use – Excellent precision – Waterproof – Dust proof

Pricing – High-end



Vortex Crossfire II 6-24X50Mm Ao – Number 2

This is the largest rifle scope in the Crossfire II series. Made with aircraft grade aluminium, it looks and feels great. The reticle on this rifle scope is the Bdc deadhold reticle, this uses MOA tick marks inside of the reticle, which you can use to measure distance or bullet drop over time, which is a super-exciting and useful tool. The manual is very easy to follow and allows little room for error, meaning you’ll always hit that target!

  • Clear and bright optic – for HD images.
  • Anodised aluminium – for the ultimate durability and comfort.
  • Fog, water and dustproof – zero damage in all conditions! Perfect for all weather conditions!
  • Comes with 4 inch sunshade – To eradicate that glare.
  • Long relief, fast focus eyepiece – For the ultimate precision shooting.

For me, in terms of cost versus quality, this is one of the best rifle scopes out there. Vortex are undeniably the leaders in the market, and any scope you get with them will be of the highest quality. I love the way this one feels and looks, and it’s so easy to use that is impossible not to love it. There is no compromise with Vortex, which is what I love about the company, and why I know this could be your new favourite rifle scope.

Summary –

Features: Clear and bright image – Fast Focus eyepiece – User friendly – Waterproof – Dustproof

Pricing – Low end (reasonable)



Vortex Diamondback HP – Number 3

This rifle scope by Vortex is incredibly high performance. It is made from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminium, which is excellent for the look and feel of this scope. Its incredibly durable and handles recoil excellently. The HD Premium Extra-Low Dispersion lens elements are carefully chosen and manufactured with precision for perfectly clear, bright and true to colour images. The external lenses are protected with ArmorTek coating, this is an ultra-hard coating that protects the lens against scratches and dirt. The Dead-Hold reticle makes for excellent precision. Great for hunting and shooting at varying distances.

  • HD Premium Extra-Low Dispersion lens elements – For a perfectly clear image
  • XR full multi-coatings – for the maximum reduction of reflections and distorting scattered light
  • Quick focus eyepiece – don’t waste a second trying to get in focus!
  • Fog, water and dust proof – can withstand all weather conditions!
  • Precision Glide Erector System – for a smooth zoom mechanism

If we look at price to performance, this rifle scope is excellent. It has all the high technology features that you need, without being at the top range of prices. It looks and feels amazing, and although the price is lower, it doesn’t feel like you’re compromising.

Summary –

Feature: Clear and bright – Precision Glide Erector – HD lens elements – Waterproof – Dustproof

Pricing – Mid range




For me, when it comes to hunting and shooting, precision is key. The satisfaction of having  a perfectly clear and crisp image, with a fast focus lens, will make for perfect target score.

Vortex is a company with an indisputable reputation for high quality and customer satisfaction, so really any of these scopes I’m positive will provide you with what you need. But for me undoubtably the ‘Vortex Diamondback HP 3-12×42 Rifle Scope Dead hold V-Plex (MOA) 1 Inch Tube’ is the clear winner for me.

If we look at performance based on value for money, this rifle scope is the champion. Without breaking the bank at the high end of the price-range, we still find all the essential functions with the added bonus of a sleek and durable design.

Don’t get me wrong, all of the Vortex scopes were really a pleasure to use, but I know which one I would be spending my money on. I can assure you the Vortex Diamondback will not disappoint.


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