Kahles 10×42 Lightweight Binoculars

The Kahles brand isn’t well-known in the UK because they typically manufacture high-end binocular products that are used for hunting purposes, and hunting isn’t a massive sport in the UK. But with that in mind, hunting is still becoming more and more popular and Kahles are reaping the rewards thanks to that. Whatever you are hunting, you will spend more time using binoculars to observe your prey than you will with a rifle in your hands, which is why it’s very important to invest in some good quality binoculars to help you on your way. You could quite easily spend a couple of hundred quid on a decent pair of binoculars that will provide you with the quality viewing you need, however, the higher the quality of binoculars you use the high quality hunter you will be.

If you are a serious hunter, you need to invest in serious equipment, and being able to see your prey from a distance in excellent details requires a serious pair of binoculars. There are plenty of brands to choose from and plenty of products that range in quality when it comes to binoculars for hunters, but the Kahles brand have invested plenty of time and money on being able to manufacture the perfect pair of binoculars for hunters which is why they should definitely be considered. One of the best pair of binoculars that they have produced is the Kahles 10×42 Lightweight Binoculars which are perfect for hunters in a variety of ways. Here are many of the features the Kahles 10×42 Lightweight Binoculars (CHECK PRICE!) provide their users:

  • Kahles Binocular Review 2016Lightweight – Kahles wanted to design a pair of binoculars that were not only picture perfect quality, but at the same time very lightweight which is very important to any hunter. Being able to track through forestry and other tough terrain requires every weight advantage possible, and with a lightweight set of binoculars around your neck is one less thing to worry about. These binoculars only weigh 20.5 ounces which is perfectly light for any hunter to take advantage of.
  • Rubber coated – The binoculars are coated in a rubber material that not only provides a quality grip to its users but it also help absorb shock in case it gets dropped or is accidently knocked against something.
  • Twist-up eye cups – The twist-up eye cups integrated with this design will ensure users are able to adjust the cups to the correct distance depending on if they wear glasses or not.
  • Waterproof – Fully waterproof for the wet weather which also means they can be used when it’s foggy.
  • Wide field of view – The 10x magnification and the 42mm lenses provide users with the ability to see a field of view up to 105 metres at 1000 metres in range, which is ample enough to get a good view of any objects surrounding the wildlife.
  • Lifetime guarantee – Of course for paying such a huge amount for a set of binoculars you may be a bit sceptical as to whether they might last, but with the lifetime guarantee that Kahles provides to their customers means you can buy with confidence.
  • Multiple accessories – You’ll find that this purchase comes with a neck strap, a lens cleaning cloth, a set of standard eye cups and a set of winged eye cups.
  • Durable and robust – These binoculars were created with robustness in mind. Kahles understand that hunters will be tracking prey in some of the roughest terrain in the world which is why it’s important to manufacture binoculars that are tough, durable, and long-lasting.

In conclusion, if you are very serious about hunting and you are looking for a great pair of binoculars to help you on your way, you will need to invest in some high-end binoculars. These Kahles 10×42 Lightweight Binoculars are about as high-end as it gets when it comes to hunting binoculars and even though you will be paying an arm and a leg to have a chance of having these around your neck, you will be glad you did because they are a great investment for any serious hunter. Have a look at the hundreds of different reviews online to give you an idea of how many hunters recommend them.


Features: Rubber protected – Waterproof – Lightweight

Pricing: High-End