Are you looking for a pair of large binoculars which are suitable for astronomical and land observations?

Whether you want to watch birds or spot galaxies, the Celestron Binoculars are the way to go.

Suitable For Land And Star Gazing

Want to see the craters on the moon, gaze into distant galaxies and explore the constellations without having to fork out for a large telescope?

The Celestron 71008 (learn more here!) comes with multi-coated optics which are designed to give you sharp, clear views that extend into the heavens.

Whether you want to study birds or extra-terrestrials, these are the binoculars for you.


The aperture on a pair of binoculars refers to their light gathering ability, i.e. how much light can enter the binoculars. This is important, because higher aperture allows you to see more objects.

The Celestron SkyMaster has a large aperture which is perfect for observing far-away objects.

Ultra-Sharp Focus

Some binoculars go in and out of focus seemingly at random, but the Celestron 71800 comes with a large centre focus knob which allows for each focusing with minimal effort and zero stress.

Objective Lens

The Celestron 71800 Binoculars comes with 100 mm objective lens which are optimised to give you maximum brightness, even in bad lighting and long-range situations.

Protective Rubber

The Celestron 71800 binoculars come with a protective rubber covering that ensures comfort while simultaneously protecting the binoculars and giving you a firmer, more secure grip.


If you’re settling in for a long star-gazing session and you don’t want to have to hold the binoculars for hours on end, you’ll be happy to hear that the Celestron 71008 come with an integrated tripod adapter rod which makes them easy to mount on a tripod.

This adapter also ensures a stable fit, so the binoculars won’t wobble or, worse, fall over.

Long Eye Relief

If you wear glasses and you’re worried that the binoculars won’t be accessible for you, don’t despair. The Celestron 7008 comes with long eye relief which is specially designed for optimum comfort for eyeglass wearers.

Carry Case

When you’re heading to your amateur astronomer club or into the countryside for a spot of bird watching, you’ll want a safe and secure travel case to keep your binoculars in.

The Celestron 71008 comes with a free carry case which makes it super easy to carry the binoculars around and keep them safe in storage when you’re not using them.


We can’t always predict which way the weather is going to turn, so it’s important to make sure your binoculars won’t be destroyed by wet weather conditions.

The Celestron 71008 is water resistant, thus protecting the binoculars from showers. You won’t be able to submerge your binoculars in a pond and expect them to be perfectly fine, but they will be able to handle unexpected weather changes.


Features:  Suitable For Astronomy – Large Centre Focus Knob – 100 MM Objective Lens – Protective Rubber – Tripod – Long Eye Relief – Carry Case – Weatherproof.

Pricing:  Mid-Range


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