Alpen Wings 8×42 Binoculars

Alpen Optics has been around for the last 20 years and they specialise in a variety of products that require optical vision. They are very popular among binocular fanatics because their binocular range provides crystal clear observations no matter what the user likes to observe. If you are looking for a set of general purpose binoculars then you may want to consider the Alpen Wings 8×42 (CHECK PRICE!), these are very good for not only sightseeing, but for hunting and many other activities should you wish to try something new.

Take a look at the following features to see if the Alpen Wings 8×42 Binoculars suit your needs:

  • Alpen Wings Review 2016Waterproof – These Alpen Wings are fully sealed and waterproof so they can be used in foggy conditions – this is a very handy feature especially if you are an early riser or you don’t mind observing in the wet weather.
  • Lightweight – Alpen are known to manufacture quality products that not only provide clear views, but are also lightweight and can be taken anywhere. Having a lightweight set of binoculars is important especially if you are looking to travel on rough terrain.
  • Multiple accessories – These binoculars come with a deluxe travel case and a comfortable strap that can be used around the neck. The travel case will keep your binoculars safe and prevent any damage when on the move and the neck strap will always keep the binoculars in arms reach and will let you walk hands-free.
  • Lifetime guarantee – Not many manufacturers out there are able to offer a lifetime guarantee but Alpen’s no-fault guarantee provides buyers with a lot of confidence. This lifetime guarantees the product for life should it encounter any faults that are at no fault of the users.
  • Eye relief – These binoculars provide long eye relief for people that wear glasses.
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  • BAK4 Glass – You can be sure you will get a clean and crisp experience when using these binoculars thanks to the BAK4 glass implementation. BAK4 is very well known these days thanks to the crystal clear observations it provides.
  • Maximum brightness – The lenses are fully multi-coated which provides users with maximum brightness and clearer observations.
  • Easy grip – Rubber material is used as armour which provides users with the ability to grip the binoculars with ease. It also provides shock resistance for use on rough terrain where binoculars will almost certainly be knocked about a bit, and sometimes dropped on the floor.
  • Rubber eye pieces – The soft rubber eye pieces which provide rainguard will ensure comfortable use even in wet weather conditions.
  • Twist-up eye cups – The twist-up eyes cups integrated with this design will ensure users are comfortable even when wearing glasses.

The Alpen Wings 8×42 Binoculars are made very much affordable, and when compared with its competitors in the same market it’s easy to see why this particular set of binoculars is rated among the best around. If you are specifically looking for a cheap set of binoculars that can provide you with high quality viewing whether that be up close or at a distance, then these binoculars will provide you with a very enjoyable time. There aren’t many other binoculars out there that can provide this much quality for the price tag it is set at which is why a lot of people have these as their primary set. Even if you have a high-end set of binoculars, you may find that these act as a great secondary set when you want to take binoculars with you on excursions that may lead to rough terrain use.


Features: Twist-up eye cups – BAK4 Glass – Lightweight

Pricing: Mid-Range

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